How I Juggle Work, College and Motherhood

I got pregnant at a young age so I needed to stop going to College. I was in my 2nd year at the University back then. While I was waiting for my little prince to see the world, I started looking for work online. Luckily, I got a job! My first job was web research, a lot of data entry tasks! I started to love my work and trained myself how to penetrate social media marketing. My second job was social media marketing and I settled for it. It was a full time job! Fast forward.. I gave birth to a cute little prince named Xj. Months after, I went to College to continue my degree.

How did I juggle work, college and motherhood without any child care?

I actually don’t know how I did it but I DID!

So here are some tips to meet the challenges:

1. Talk to your partner. Are you guys both ready for this? Do you think you can both do this given this tight schedule? His support is really important so you can do it without guilt!

For me, I was lucky to have a supportive partner. We agreed to do this together. We decided to sacrifice things like him playing DOTA outside the house, traveling and sleep.

2. Set your goals and expectations. It is important to set your goals and stick to it. For us, at that moment, is to finish my studies while still working full time without sacrificing family time! I was still a hands-on mom

3. Time management. Oh my goodness! IT WAS NOT E-A-S-Y! But yes, sacrifice your sleeping time and always make your to-do list and schedule. I always have a handy note everywhere I go. I lot of alarms set and way too many reminders.

So I have a full-time job of at least 40 hours a week, a full load of subjects in a semester and a mommy job. What I did was prioritize my school schedules at day time (+ travel time!) and do my work at night time (at least 6 hours a day) while inserting mommy job in between.

My day started at 7AM to do mommy stuff before going to school at 9AM. School ends at 5PM and my mommy job starts at 6PM. Work starts at 8PM and ends at 4AM or 5AM

I fed the baby while I work or study for the exam. After school I waste no time and wash the dishes or do the laundry. There’s no time to rest. It’s my choice, it’s our choice. Basically we both get at most 4 hours of sleep in a day.

4. Stick to your schedule. Juggling your time is not really easy since you have a lot of work to finish, you have quizzes, exams, paperwork and more! All I can say is STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE. Set alarms to let you know it’s time for this and that.

All academic stuff should only be done at school or while I travel from and to home. Work should be in the house so you can still have time for your family.

5. Be strong. Always think positive! Doing so much stuff in a day is so hard but you need to be strong! Be a supermom of your own and always remember your goal! Always be positive and get through the day, day by day.

6. Take multi-vitamins. Health is wealth so take care of your body by taking multi-vitamins every day. I remembered taking ferrous sulfate tablet because I was anemic.

After so many years of juggling work, college and motherhood, I am now a graduate of Food Technology. It took me a total of 7 1/2 years. I wasted 2 semesters because I had an appendectomy the other was because I dropped in the middle of the semester due to illness. I took it slow to fit it all in my own schedule. I am so happy I did it!

So if you’re eager to continue your degree, don’t hesitate just because you became a mom. If you mean it, you can do it!


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