Sensitive Skin

The best way to find out if you have sensitive skin is to visit a dermatologist. In my case, I have visited a lot of dermatologists in my area and two allergologists to help me solve my biggest problem – my sensitive skin. Allergic problems run in our family. I have severe eczema, allergic rhinitis and seafood allergy.

When you visit our house, you’ll never see any stuffed toy or anything like it. No furry toys, NO FURRY CLOTHES. Why? Because it easily accumulates dirt, oh my dust!

You can never see us use talcum powder. Why? Talcum’s small particles can cause irritation and trigger my allergies, isn’t it dusty?

We never wear pieces of jewelry too. Why? Because physical friction causes irritation. AT ALL TIMES! 😦

As for me, I don’t usually do the laundry or the dishes because my hand easily gets irritated when I come in contact with detergent soaps, dishwashing soap and even our hand soap!

Can you imagine my struggle? STRUGGLE IS SO REAL!

So just like me, I know you probably struggled to look for the right product for your skin or for your babies’ skin. I have tried a lot of products and I will be sharing it here. I hope it helps!


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