DIY Wedding Leg Garter (Handmade)

A leg garter is a must-have on your wedding day. Wearing and throwing a garter at your own wedding is an honored tradition. You can now buy ready made leg garters in the mall but I prefer it custom-made based on my motif color, royal blue!

This can be done in just an hour!

white lace
royal blue ribbon (or any color you want)
royal blue thread (should be in the same with your ribbon)
safety pins
tape measure


How to do it:
  1. Determine the length of your lace, ribbon and garter by measuring the length of your leg where you want to wear your garter.
  2. Measure the circumference of your leg, and add 1/2 of that length to the original measurement. For


    my leg measures 14 inches and I added 7 inches so the length of my lace and ribbon will be 21 inches.
  3. For the garter, cut off 2 1/2 inch from the circumference of your leg. So in my case, it’s 11 1/2 inches.
  4. Start sewing the ribbon on top of your lace. Stitch it as neat as you can showing only a dot portion of the thread on the outside (of the ribbon) so it doesn’t show that much.
  5. Repeat sewing the lower edge of the ribbon on your lace.
  6. Now you are ready to insert the garter! Pin the other end of your garter at the opening of your lace. This will help you not lose the end while inserting the garter.
  7. On the other end of your garter, put a safety pin. This will make inserting easier.
  8. Start inserting the safety pin and gather the lace up as you go.
  9. Once you are done, pin the other end just like you did to the other end.
  10. Sew both ends of the lace, making sure the garter stays in place.
  11. Sew the ends together and you’re done!




Chicken Chopseuy

Chopseuy is a common dish in the Philippines. It’s easy to cook and doesn’t cost too much. It usually has carrots, chayote, cauliflower, brocolli, cabbage, chinese pechay and bell peppers. It’s cooked with chicken, pork or shrimps. But I prefer it with chicken.

This recipe is worth approximately PHP 100 but serves at most 6 persons.

Try this recipe!


1 pack ready-to-cook chopsuey mix (0.348 kg)
1 pc quarter cut chicken, cubed
1 medium sized onion, sliced
3 pcs garlic cloves, crushed
4 tbsp oyster sauce
1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch (I used seasoned breading mix)
1 cup water
liquid seasoning (or salt)


  1. Brown the chicken. Scoop out excess oil from the chicken’s skin.
  2. Add the garlic and onion. Sautee it together with the chicken.
  3. Sprinkle pepper then add the oyster sauce.
  4. Meanwhile, dilute your cornstarch in 1 cup water and add to your chicken. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
  5.  Add the carrots and chayote. Simmer for a minute.
  6. Add other vegetables from the pack and mix.
  7. Simmer for another minute and season with salt and seasoning mix.

Serves 5-6 persons.

Avocado Ice Cream

It’s avocado season! So I have a lot of avocados for my self, amounting to 4 kilos! I have made a raw avocado salad and ice candy but the others are going mushy. Before my remaining avocados go bad, I need to make use of it right now! Avocado ice cream will never go wrong right?

Check out the recipe below!


  • 2 medium-sized avocado flesh
  • 1 can Angel kremdensada, chilled overnight
  • 1 300 mL sweetened condensed milk, chilled overnight (1/2 can is enough but I want it sweet)
  • vanilla extract (Optional)
  1. puree the avocado flesh. set aside.
  2. mix and blend pre-chilled kremdensada and sweetened condensed milk.
  3. whip until it forms soft peaks.
  4. gently fold the avocado puree into the cream until combined.
  5. freeze and enjoy!

This recipe makes 1.5 L ice cream.

Fried Sweet Potato Wedges Recipe

Our friendly neighborhood gave me a bag of sweet potatoes. Thanks to her, I can make these sweet potato fries for my son!

Here we go!

  1. Clean, peel and cut the potatoes in approximately 1/4 inches or bigger if you want. I cut mine like this ↓↓ ↓ 
  2. Rinse the sliced sweet potatoes to remove excess starch. Do it twice.
  3. Boil the sliced sweet potatoes with enough water until it’s fork tender. Make sure to check for doneness and don’t let it get mushy.
  4. Prepare your batter by mixing 4 tbsp breading mix, 2 tbsp flour, 1 egg. Add water but make sure you still have a thick batter to coat all the potatoes.
  5. Fry the sweet potatoes until golden brown.
  6. Serve with dips.