Avocado Ice Cream

It’s avocado season! So I have a lot of avocados for my self, amounting to 4 kilos! I have made a raw avocado salad and ice candy but the others are going mushy. Before my remaining avocados go bad, I need to make use of it right now! Avocado ice cream will never go wrong right?

Check out the recipe below!


  • 2 medium-sized avocado flesh
  • 1 can Angel kremdensada, chilled overnight
  • 1 300 mL sweetened condensed milk, chilled overnight (1/2 can is enough but I want it sweet)
  • vanilla extract (Optional)
  1. puree the avocado flesh. set aside.
  2. mix and blend pre-chilled kremdensada and sweetened condensed milk.
  3. whip until it forms soft peaks.
  4. gently fold the avocado puree into the cream until combined.
  5. freeze and enjoy!

This recipe makes 1.5 L ice cream.


Maja Blanca


Maja Blanca is a Filipino dessert made of cornstarch, coconut cream, milk and sugar. You usually see it during special holidays like Fiestas and Christmas. It’s a popular dessert here in the Philippines so you may see it in some restaurants and food courts. It’s one of my favorite next to Mango Graham Cake, Buko Salad, Ube Halaya and a lot more! 🙂

I modified the recipe a bit by adding corn kernels. Maja is very easy to prepare. You just mix the ingredients and cook until it thickens. It has a consistency of a thick gelatin and is creamy.

Here goes the recipe!



1 small box cornstarch (200 g)

1 can coconut cream (400 mL)

1 can evaporated milk (410 mL)

1 can corn kernels

1 cup full cream milk

1 cup water

1 can condensed milk (optional)

peanuts or grated cheese for garnishing

Tip: You can use whole milk instead of full cream milk and add or lessen the sugar


1. Mix coconut cream, evaporated milk, full cream milk, sugar and water in a container.

2. Put the cornstarch in a bowl and pour the wet ingredients over. Combine well.

(Remember: Always add wet ingredients to dry ingredients)

3. Cook the mixture slowly over low heat stirring constantly.

4. Add the corn kernels when the mixture starts to thickens.

5. Allow to cook until it reached your desired thickness.

6. Pour into a rectangular tray/container, flatten the top with a spatula and garnish it with peanuts.

7. Let it cool and refrigerate.

8. Serve and enjoy!

Serves 8-10 persons

Watermelon Rind Candy

Who knew that watermelon rinds could make a delectable candy? Instead of tossing it into the garbage, why save it for a truly unique sweet treat for everyone? Try my own candy recipe!


6 cups watermelon rinds, peeled and diced

3 cups water

3 cups white sugar

2 tbsp cinnamon

red food coloring


1. Soak the rinds in water with food coloring.


2. After two hours, drain them.

3. Combine three cups water and three cups sugar in a deep pot.

4. Add the rinds and cinnamon.

5. Bring to a boil, uncovered.

Make sure you stir it occasionally to keep it from burning.

6. Cook until the rinds look jelly-ish and the sugar gets thick.


At this point. It’s perfect for a sandwich spread! You can either stop here and store this in a jar. Or continue with the sugar coated watermelon candy! 😉

7. Using toothpicks, arrange the cubed rinds vertically. Place about five pieces per toothpick.


8. Let the rinds dry on a rack overnight or until they’re tacky to touch.

Coating in sugar too soon will cake it up.

9. Coat them with sugar. And enjoy your candy!


Easy 3-Ingredient Ice Cream

Are you craving for ice cream? Worry no more! You can make it yourself with this dead-simple recipe. Since Durian fruit is in a season when I made this ice cream, then durian is the flavor! You can create your own flavors if you want. Ideas? Cookies ‘n cream, double dutch, chocolate, mango, ube and a lot more!


1 can Kremdensada

2 packs All purpose cream

Vanilla extract

Durian flesh (You can use any flavor you want)


1.Chill the all purpose cream and Kremdensada overnight.

2.Mix them and add vanilla extract.

3.Whip the mixture until the volume doubles.

4. Fold in the durian flesh.

5. Transfer to a container. Chill.